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Problem Definition

InterCall-logoIntercall depended on its call center operators to provide both contact and services to clients.

With over 12,000 clients relying on them for phone and internet conference solutions, Intercall needed to ensure that its call center operators received high-quality systems and effective customer service training.

Senior management believed that operator training was essential to the continued growth and success of the company.


Intercall chose Intulogy to design and develop their call center training solution. We conducted a thorough needs analysis and determined that they could benefit from more than just new training materials. Consultants therefore provided the following services:

Training Design and Development

Intulogy designed and developed a complete call center training curriculum for new hire and expert operator audiences.

Train-the-Trainer Delivery

After the training was complete, Intulogy consultants delivered a train-the-trainer course to the Intercall ’s in-house classroom instructors and execution floor instructors, providing assistance in making their training successful.

Error Reduction

In the training development process, Intulogy focused on reducing the number of operator errors in order to improve quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Management Consulting

Intulogy provided Intercall’s management with recommendations for streamlining their training organization to better meet their future training needs and costs.

Special Skills Used

The training specialists involved in this project had ten years of experience working with call centers, and so they understood the sector’s challenges and requirements.

Benefit to Client

Intercall’s operators received highly effective customer service and systems training in a simulated execution floor.  They practiced greeting callers, placing them into conference calls, and handling special requests.  This hands-on practice allows operators to gain confidence before working on the operations floor.


Intercall’s director praised Intulogy: “They have been instrumental in creating instructor and participant manuals for us, enabling us to offer more professional and detailed training.” She also praised the train-the-trainer sessions, as they made it possible for them to “provide consistent training in all classes in both our facilities.”

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