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Problem Definition

Nebraska Public Power District-logoThe Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) had recently completed a gap analysis of its training and development plan. These results, when compared to NPPD’s internal standards, showed many positives, though some current training and organizational practices did not satisfy a few key objectives, and may present regulatory compliance failures.

NPPD, while not a nuclear facility, believes that the INPO is the gold standard for power plant operations, and aspires to meet and exceed that standard. To that end, NPPD acquired the services of a successful third party consultant because of his success in implementing the INPO standard at other facilities. This individual has delineated many numerous tasks to be completed in NPPD’s new training initiative.


Intulogy assisted NPPD in meeting their new training initiative. Given the size of the project, Intulogy initially developed a project strategy in the form of a Change Management Plan (CMP), rather than diving directly into the tactical execution of hundreds of project deliverables. This CMP acted as a roadmap for driving NPPD’s training initiative to success.

Special Skills Used

By providing NPPD with an extensive CMP, Intulogy constructed a highly detailed plan that can be utilized to successfully guide the training initiative through its many detailed projects.

Benefit to Client

The completed CMP details objectives for NPPD’s training initiative and their respective timelines. NPPD now has the option to move forward utilizing the CMP as a quality control measurement during all phases of the initiative. This document was completed with NPPD’s corporate climate in mind. Intulogy worked with NPPD’s documentation and subject matter experts in order to respect their established organizational culture.


As NPPD moves forward on their training initiative and INPO compliance standards, they have a detailed and well-researched CMP to guide them toward success.

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