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Problem Definition

CCISCCIS, a church administration software company, understood that the people who bought the software were not always those who used it every day. Therefore, the company wanted to ensure that end users understood and warmly accepted the software. Custom software training could build this level of satisfaction, but neither software training development nor delivery were within the company’s scope of services.


CCIS chose to completely outsource its training development, delivery ,and administration to Intulogy. Because Intulogy had experience providing training delivery across the U.S., it could match their projected growth. Intulogy handled many training administration functions, including the following aspects:

  • Scheduling courses around the country
  • Maintaining attendance and performance statistics
  • Supplying and paying qualified instructors
  • Arranging training facilities

During the training delivery process, Intulogy spent time getting to know their audience, since there were wide variances in user skills within a volunteer church staff. The training specialists spent several days observing the users and listening to them. Intulogy collected this information from trainers in the field and provided compiled reports to CCIS’s software development and marketing teams.

Special Skills Used

Intulogy’s training specialists were able to learn CCIS’s software with minimal communication with the client. The training specialists applied their technical writing skills towards software training development, and the trainers traveled all over the country to implement standardized software training. They instructed a variety of people with varying computer skills, and they were able to adapt to diverse training situations.

Benefit to Client

CCIS was able to completely outsource every element of their training: instructional design, curriculum development, training delivery, and training management and administration. This enabled them to provide the highest quality of training with no additional resources, making them competitive with larger software companies.


CCIS focused on its core business, software development, instead of training.

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