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Problem Definition

scripps logoScripps Healthcare was implementing Lawson systems, and felt they needed additional training and information on Lawson’s Analytic system. Though they had received training on the use of analytics, they wanted to learn how to maximize the system’s value and learn how to design reports.

Every employee who needed analytics training was heavily involved in the implementation project itself. Therefore, the training audience suffered from information overload and had little time to devote to training. They needed practical, user-based information and also a theoretical overview of how to improve their business process with Analytics.

Scripps Healthcare needed a training course that could prepare their managers and IT professionals to use Lawson Analytics without overwhelming them. Participants also needed clear reference materials that would help them retain knowledge despite their busy schedules.


Intulogy first conferred with Scripps Healthcare to determine specific training needs and audiences. There were two distinct audiences for the training course:

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  • Technical professionals who needed in-depth information on setting up and designing the system
  • Managers and employees who would be designing reports

We designed two shorter courses for the separate training audiences, providing them only the information and assistance they needed. Both of these courses were delivered in a single week at the client site.

Scripps Healthcare had never used analytic software of this sort before and were unaware of the potential benefits of such a system. Thus, we integrated suggested best practices and future considerations into the training. We opened both courses to discussion, providing managers and IT professionals a much-appreciated forum to brainstorm on the uses of their new system.

Special Skills Used

The consultant who designed these courses has specialized knowledge of all the products that comprise the Lawson Analytic system and has previously trained consultants on the expert use of Analytics.  Her expertise included certification with Lawson and Hyperion products as well as a familiarity with the health care market and its specific needs. She also had more than six years’ previous classroom training and course design experience.

Benefit to Client

We provided classroom analytics training and quick-reference documents that exceeded Scripp Healthcare’s expectations. As a bonus, we helped them design essential, complex reports before their go-live date. The managers and IT professionals felt that the training made their work far easier in preparing for the go-live date. It also eased their concerns over the analytics component of the new implementation.

Perhaps most importantly, we provided Scripps Healthcare with their first real glimpse of how the analytics system could be used to improve their business practices and reporting capabilities.  Most of the course participants were new to the concept of analytic reporting, so they were pleased to have the concept itself reviewed in the training. Managers especially noted that they felt much better prepared and understood how analytics could be used to improve their department practices.


Scripps Healthcare stated that the training they received from Intulogy was the best training they received throughout their Lawson implementation. We have designed reports and further reference materials for them since this project was complete.

After their system was brought online, they returned to us exclusively to request additional training and assistance with their new products. We have designed reports and further reference materials for them since this project was complete.

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