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Problem Definition

medco logoMedco, a leading health care company, needed to redesign its account manager new hire training program. These account managers were scattered geographically around the country. The training objective was to provide instruction on account management core competencies, including the following areas:

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  • Consulting with clients
  • Tracking claims
  • Understanding the industry
  • Tracking product and service information and trends

Medco had conducted an internal evaluation of its current curriculum and found redundancy within and across the existing course modules. They wanted to create a cohesive and cost-effective training program; the existing new hire training course needed to be streamlined around a single, consistent instructional design.


Medco had already started the redesign process. Intulogy’s training specialists added their skills to these efforts. Together, Intulogy and Medco analyzed the current training efforts, organized associated tasks into functional groupings, and assigned priorities based on the importance and frequency of each task. Intulogy used this information to design the new hire training curriculum and make recommendations for training delivery methods. Intulogy recommended the following deliverables:

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  • Paper-based training guides for instructor-led actual and virtual classroom training
  • Computer-based or synchronous web-based training (WBT) development
  • Custom Train-the-trainer development and delivery
  • Kirkpatrick Level IV ROI metrics development for all training modules

Special Skills Used

Intulogy was adept at learning the client’s systems and assisting them with the development of the curriculum redesign. They were also able to deliver a complete synchronous web-based training program.

Benefit to Client

This was a major one-time change event for Medco, so rather than staffing up in their training department, they were able to outsource many of their training tasks. Intulogy provided resources skilled at developing complex training materials.


Medco was so thrilled with the results of this project that they subsequently asked Intulogy to complete two other complex outsource training projects within their company.

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