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Problem Definition

truepositionTruePosition, a telecommunications engineering firm, needed training materials created for their Network Operations Console (NOC) operators. Although a great deal of systems information existed for these operators, it had not been compiled for training purposes. The client anticipated rapid growth in the next year and felt a comprehensive training course was essential.


Our consultants performed a training needs analysis with the assistance of TruePosition’s training coordinator.  We determined that a single modular course, with accompanying course materials and exercises, would best meet the client’s needs.  We also noted they wished to certify operators through a certification examination.

TruePosition needed its employees ready to work as soon as possible.  Therefore, we designed a new hire training course that could be communicated in sections.  Each section built on the previous material and covered additional job functions and skill sets.

Thus, participants could take one section of the course, work on the floor for a while, and return to training when time allowed.  In addition, we designed an instructor’s manual to guide future instructors with the pace and presentation of the course.   Finally, we advised the training coordinator about how to design a final examination that would prepare the course participants for certification.

Special Skills Used

This new hire training project required excellent project management, instructional design, editing skills and expertise in classroom training. Our consultants provided this expertise as well as background experience in telecommunications training.

Benefit to Client

TruePosition received more than they expected—participant and instructor manuals, exercises and presentation materials—all designed to meet the needs of their quickly growing company.  In addition, Intulogy prepared TruePosition for future training initiatives by providing step-by-step needs analysis procedures as well as one-on-one discussions of development procedures with training and management personnel.  Finally, as a bonus, Intulogy provided several suggestions for future improvements in both training and procedure materials.


TruePosition was very satisfied with the level of expertise as well as the work they had received and has formed an ongoing training partnership with Intulogy.

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