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Problem Definition

charles-schwab-logoCharles Schwab, a leading financial services provider, needed to migrate all policy, product and procedural information to an online help system on the corporate intranet for remote access by field representatives.

Before the information migration project, all updates had been communicated to the field representatives through mass mailings.  Field representatives were required to store these updates in a binder.  Since field representatives worked primarily in the field and not in an office, the binders were difficult to maintain and use as a resource.

Charles Schwab wanted a web site designed, placed online, and then capable of being maintained on a daily basis. This site would replace the binders and serve as a first resource for updated information and access to the corporate intranet site.

Charles Schwab wanted a limited version of the help system online soon after the start of the project.  Finally, they wanted their staff trained how to maintain and update the online help system.


Intulogy first assessed the technology allocated to the project by conferring with Charles Schwab’s IT experts and the project IT coordinator.  After the technical specifications were established, the consultant devised a process flow to migrate information from hardcopy to the corporate intranet and the preliminary web site.

The consultant contacted department and division managers for revised and updated policy, product, and procedural information.  The information was edited to ensure appropriateness for the intranet.  After editing, the materials were returned to the department and division managers for approval.  Once the information was approved, the information was entered into the online help system using XML.

Special Skills Used

The Intulogy consultant who designed the XML help system had expertise in project management, technical skills, technical writing, and editing. This allowed one consultant to perform multiple tasks. Because of the security necessary on Charles Schwab’s intranet, the consultant had to perform all the work onsite since access could not be granted to the consultant remotely.

Benefit to Client

Charles Schwab benefited by having the consultant onsite throughout the entire project.  With one consultant with multiple skills onsite, the limited version of the online XML help system was almost immediately available to field representatives.

During development, field representatives were able to evaluate the online help system and provide suggestions for enhancements while the project was still in development. Once a firm process had been devised and a majority of the information migrated, Charles Schwab’s staff received training on the process flow, information migration, and daily maintenance procedures.


The client efficiently migrated all the policy, procedural and product information to the corporate intranet web site in a short period of time. The online help system allowed field representatives to gain up-to-date information with ease.

Employees at Charles Schwab’s headquarters observed a reduction in the number of daily phone calls from field representatives requesting basic information. This allowed headquarters staff to use their time more efficiently.

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