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Four Partnerships Based on Caring

Intulogy is a professional services partnership dedicated to helping people achieve success for themselves and their companies. In our profession, we work with people and not just projects, because each training course offers a chance to change a person’s life. We believe that training requires caring:

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      • Caring that change frightens people, even though change can bring positive results
      • Caring that new equipment, processes and policies, and systems are worthless if people don’t actually use them
      • Caring about return on investment but realizing that the greatest return comes when you invest in people

Intulogy measures its success by the health of our partnerships with four groups: learners, clients, our training specialists, and the community.

Our Partnership with Learners

A learner’s path begins when they become aware that they do not know something—at that point they are consciously unskilled. Intulogy’s training specialists serve as the mentors who guide people through the difficult moments of learning until they achieve the intuitive capability of performing the right action without any conscious effort.

Our Partnership with Clients

The purpose of training resides within learners and their companies. Therefore, Intulogy’s training specialists will take time to understand their unique needs. When creating or delivering training solutions, we will serve their interests ahead of our own. Intulogy will innovate to provide measurable quality and lasting value. We will share risks and rewards with our clients to build long-term partnerships

Our Partnership with Our Training Specialists

Intulogy will provide its training specialists with the tools, training and guidance they need to deliver excellent service to our clients. We will support them when the work on the behalf of our learners and clients. We place trust in these professionals, and we will recognize their accomplishments and successes. We will show compassion, always remembering that a healthy workplace promotes trust, clear communication, and opportunities for shared growth.

Our Partnership with the Community

Intulogy believes in a world where people can change themselves, learn new skills, and achieve success. Therefore, we encourage our training specialists to support the training community—including their peers, training managers, and universities that educate future training specialists. Intulogy encourages each of its training specialists to donate time and skills for the benefit of their local communities, and Intulogy will support these activities.

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