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Problem Definition

charles-schwab-logoCharles Schwab needed to outline the business processes of their highly specialized securities trading department. This process mapping project had two distinct purposes, because the department needed:

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  • Training manuals for its new hires
  • Process manuals for future audits


Intulogy helped the department outline its processes, identify best practices, prepare training, and create process manuals.

Our consultant worked with Charles Schwab representatives at their site, meeting with the project’s team leaders and consulting with subject matter experts. She determined that a single set of well-written manuals could meet both the training and auditing business needs.

In a few weeks, the department’s procedures were outlined, and our consultant began writing the materials. The final product was delivered fourteen weeks after the start date, and the trading department was thrilled with the results.

Special Skills Used

Our consultant was experienced with process mapping and best practices analysis. Although she had not worked with the securities industry previous to this project, she was able to apply her analytical skills and map the department’s processes efficiently and successfully to the specialized Charles Schwab project.

Benefit to Client

One of Charles Schwab’s managers involved in the project said that Intulogy’s work is “amazing.” She also added, “To be able to capture our processes so clearly without a previous securities background—wow!” The manual is now a model for other training materials inside the Charles Schwab organization.


Several project leaders noted the success of this project which has developed into a long-term outsource training partnership.

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