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Problem Definition

Fluor-logoFluor wanted to conduct a complete job skill competency and full task analysis of their IT division’s Service Delivery Managers (SDMs). The purpose of this analysis was to develop a thorough curriculum of e-learning modules for their SDM’s training needs. The SDMs needed to acquire the necessary skills to be effective managers.


Intulogy analyzed and interviewed Fluor’s subject matter experts (SMEs), spending time with their SDMs. These interviews were necessary to obtain the following needed materials:

  • Current job descriptions
  • Description of processes
  • SMEs for each area
  • Collection of information about tasks performed
  • Description of functional competencies

By obtaining this information, Intulogy created a curriculum map. This map was used to outline content for six e-learning modules covering financial issues integral to Fluor’s SDM’s success. These course outlines were presented to Fluor, and upon approval, were further developed into complete e-learning modules.

Special Skills Used

By utilizing access to Fluor’s SDMs, our experts were able to gather information directly from an internal source, developing that knowledge into relevant training material that will focus on Fluor’s success. Also, after the e-learning module content was approved, experts utilized a training software solution program to develop the e-learning modules.

Benefit to Client

Fluor’s SDMs had Intulogy’s SMEs complement their technical knowledge by having access to our training and development expertise. By conducting thorough interviews with Fluor’s SMEs, Intulogy quickly developed valuable deliverables.


Fluor now has a deliverable that addresses their specific problems, with access to e-learning module content.

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