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Create [color]Custom Online Training[/color] for Your Learners

[floated float=”right” clear=”no”]Custom-Online-Elearning[/floated]Intulogy’s custom e-learning courses allow companies to offer wide-scale, on-demand training to its learners. Here are two quick examples that show our production range:
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  • We’ve created highly-polished, showcase e-learning courses that clients have actually used as external marketing pieces
  • We’ve built instructionally sound e-learning courses that are easy-to-update when the course content changes

Our training specialists can produce showcase e-learning with custom-programmed learning activities and multiple voice talents. However, sometimes simpler solutions fit a client’s business goals better. So, we’ll recommend solutions that make sense in terms of your learners’ needs, business goals, and production costs.

Ways We Can Help

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  • Write storyboards based on solid instructional design principles
  • Produce high-quality, interactive e-learning modules
  • Provide custom graphic design, programming, and voice-over services
  • Integrate these e-learning courses with your company’s learning management system (LMS)
  • Host these courses for your company

Your Experience

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  • You’ll work with a team of training specialists who offer a full suite of e-learning services
  • You’ll review and approve storyboards and prototypes before we begin programming the courseā€”saving production time and preventing costly changes
  • You’ll receive a custom e-learning course designed around your learners’ needs

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If you would like to talk with us about the wide range of e-learning solutions, pleaseĀ contact us.

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