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Offer [color]Personalized Study Materials[/color] for Your Learners

[floated float=”right” clear=”no”]Grow-your-knowledge-with-self-study-materials[/floated]Intulogy’s training specialists create self-study training materials for clients’ employees, business partners and customers. Successful self-study materials need clearly written content and an easy-to-use design. Here are two quick examples of client projects:

  • We’ve created self-study materials for a telecommunication company’s independent resellers. The course materials taught product information and sales strategies, and it certified individuals to sell the product.
  • We’ve built user guides for a telecommunications client’s residential customers. We created graphical guides that showed people how to set up their voice-mail, use the multi-function cable remote, and connect to the internet.

We can create self-study materials as a stand-alone course or even to support other training elements.

Ways We Can Help

  • Create self-study materials that are clear and easy-to-use
  • Produce custom graphics to support the materials
  • Match your company’s branding guidelines for client-facing materials
  • Pour content and graphics into desktop publishing or pre-press formats

Your Experience

  • Your materials will be created by people who understand adult learning styles.
  • You’ll work with people who care about you and your project.
  • You’ll make the self-study experience easier for your learners—they’ll be happier and learn more.

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If you have questions about self-study training materials, our training specialist will be happy to talk with you. So please contact us.

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