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Problem Definition

Merton3, an active, travel-heavy consulting group, wanted to use Microsoft Outlook more efficiently as a time and project management tool. Their consultants often worked on multiple projects and needed a simple, quick course on how to better keep track of their tasks, projects, contacts, resources, and work for the day. They were especially interested in web-enabled calendar options, journal and organization capabilities, and task pads within Outlook. Because they were a busy group, they needed the course to be short, yet thorough.


After discussing Merton3’s needs with their representative and consultants, we designed a time and project management training course that met their needs. We created a half-day course that trained consultants to more effectively use such Outlook components as shortcuts, contacts, categories, tasks, organization and the Outlook Today page. We taught Merton3 representatives to use Outlook quickly and efficiently for their personal needs, but we also discussed future web options for the company, such as an Outlook web calendar and automatic meeting planning. Most importantly, we designed the course materials as a compact quick reference, something they could easily carry with them to client sites.

Special Skills Used

The consultant who designed and taught the class had more than six years’ previous classroom training experience and an expert understanding of Microsoft Outlook. She has designed custom courses for several Microsoft products—courses designed to target the specific needs of her clients.

Benefit to Client

The coursework Intulogy designed met Merton3’s needs, both as a training document and a quick reference document. We also included information on a number of web-enabled and organizational tasks for Outlook that may be helpful in their busy consulting environment, as their offices are not networked. Our assistance did not end when the course ended. We fielded questions during the session, researched answers, and sent several possible solutions to the client.


Merton3 were satisfied with the thorough, compact materials and training they received and were very excited that we were willing to continue to assist them once the course was completed.

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