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Measure what People Actually Learn

When your company offers a certification training program, participants must demonstrate that they have actually achieved learning objectives before they complete the course. With a custom certification course, you can define specific criteria for success and measure each participant’s performance.

Your company can offer custom certification training for any type of training course—including any of the following categories:


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If your company is a software developer or VAR, you can offer custom certification training courses to your clients.

Offer Certification for New and Existing Courses

Generally, you will achieve the best results when the course and the certification test are created simultaneously. The training specialist can shape the course’s practice exercises to prepare the participant for the final certification test. This training design method produces a tightly integrated certification training class.

You can add a certification test for an existing training course; the training specialist may need to perform the following additional instructional design steps:

  1. Confirm the learning objectives for the course
  2. Validate the accuracy of course content
  3. Rework some of the course exercises to prepare participants for the certification test

Explore Possible Solutions

In our case studies section, we explore how we assisted a telecommunications vendor create custom certification training for its E911 cellular location system.

For more information on how Intulogy can help you create a custom certification course, ask an expert.

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