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Provide Training for Any Application or System

Intulogy provides custom training solutions for both proprietary hardware and software applications. Because proprietary technology often directly links to a company’s core business, it is critical that people know how to properly use these systems.

Our methodology streamlines the process of creating training for proprietary systems. We will work closely with your programmers and engineers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and representative end-users to produce the proper training solution for your technology.

Offer Custom Training to Your Clients

Sometimes our clients sell technology in the marketplace, and they need to provide product training to their clients and consumers. Intulogy has created custom training for each of the following groups:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers that sell workplace automation tools to businesses and consumers
  • Software vendors that create specialized business software for a sector
  • VARs that customize business software for a client (e.g. database, ERP, and CRM tools)

Train New and Existing Employees

Some companies create an in-house proprietary technology solution, because off-the-shelf solutions do not meet their needs. These solutions represent a significant investment of resources and capital; they are intended to be used for many years.

If your company already uses a proprietary technology solution, then Intulogy can help you with any of the following tasks:

  • Compiling process manuals
  • Assessing the training needs of people who use the system
  • Evaluating current processes and discovering best practices
  • Creating or updating custom training materials
  • Providing training to new hires

If your company is launching a new proprietary software application, then we can work with your programmers and engineers to create accurate training that is ready for your project’s launch date.

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