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Training for Off-the-Shelf Applications

Custom software training can be a cost-effective solution, even for off-the-shelf software applications. In the past, people might have been asked to use a word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation software. Now businesses build their processes around complex, customizable software applications, including:

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  • ERP systems
  • CRM applications
  • Database, analytics, and forecasting software


Managers and executives rely on these systems to capture an accurate snapshot of the current business environment. However, those software tools are only as accurate as the data entered into the system. When a sales team member logs a sales call in personal calendar but not into the CRM system, important information is lost.  Therefore, people need software training to accurately utilize these applications to their fullest potential.

When Custom Software Training Makes Sense

If your company needs to train just one person how to use an off-the-shelf CRM application, then custom software training is not the right choice.  However, if your company makes core business decisions with information entered into off-the-shelf software applications, then custom software training can improve data quality, increase productivity, and strengthen employee satisfaction.

Identify Software Training Needs

It is a good idea to begin with a training needs analysis that measures how people currently use the software. With that information, you can identify the training topics that will help people achieve the greatest improvement.

If your company is introducing a new off-the-shelf application, people need to understand the change and attain confidence using the software application. A training needs analysis serves as the foundation for the change management plan and the instructional design.

Your company can achieve any of the following goals with custom software training:

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  • Launching a new enterprise-level application
  • Introducing a new process to an existing application
  • Teaching new users how to use the application within your business process
  • Identifying and targeting specific skills for improvement
  • Encouraging people to use functions that are available but underused


Intulogy can provide custom software training to meet your needs and budget.

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