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Shape Your Training Class

In the traditional training class, participants gather together in a training room, receive a course manual, and learn from an instructor. Perhaps we are most familiar with this model since we spend so many years in school, sitting at our desks, listening to teachers. However, people can master workplace skills among many different settings. This section will help you evaluate different delivery options for your training class.

Choose the Learning Space

Two companies with similar training needs may choose very different training solutions. In addition to the needs of the training audience and course content, you must also consider issues such as space, project scope, budget, and travel. Here are four initial questions to help you when you visualize your training delivery options.

  • Are your participants in the same location?
  • Are suitable training rooms available?
  • Can your participants attend training at the same time?
  • Will your participants need guidance from an instructor?

Every training project has various possible training solutions. In many cases, it makes sense to decide where people will learn best, and then shape the training class to that location.

Learning Class How People Learn Instructor Present?
Training Class As a group Yes
Virtual Classroom As a group Yes
Internet Individually No
Desktop Individually or as a group Yes or No
Pocket Reference Guide Individually No


Each of these choices still contains alternatives and variables. For example, if you choose a traditional training class format, you still might have to decide travel issues. Should participants meet at a central location for training, or should a trainer travel to them? Each training delivery option must be assessed for its potential benefits and costs.

Assess Delivery Options

Intulogy invites you to explore the delivery options for your training project:

For each training delivery method, we offer advice and links to relevant case studies.

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