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The Keys to Training Development

Keys-toTraining-DevelopmentThe training development phase is where we create the training materials for your project. We develop the course activities, trainer resources, and support materials
For a traditional instructor-led project, this may include participant and trainer manuals, projection slides, and job aids. For a WBT or CBT e-learning project, this would include the content writing, programming, and any graphics or animations.

During the training development phase, Intulogy produces training materials with two key characteristics: the training materials must be effective and they must be replicable.

 What Makes Effective Training?

Perhaps the simplest answer is that the training materials should help people learn the material. However, since teachers, scholars and researchers have long debated about what “learning” means and how it happens, let’s take a more in-depth look at these concepts.

Effective learning produces a measurable change in a person’s knowledge, skills, or attitudes.

During the training development phase, our developers create activities that will allow the participant to successfully accomplish the learning objectives. Therefore, when developing training materials, our priorities are to:

  • Create an effective learning environment
  • Make the learning steps clear for participants
  • Develop activities and exercises that help the participant master the material
  • Emphasize critical learning objectives
  • Maximize learning opportunities for participants

Each learning activity is designed to take advantage of the strengths of the learning format and learning media.

What Makes Replicable Training?

Replicable training produces consistently successful results. Participants learn the required material and attain the learning objectives.

Whether your training program requires multiple trainers to implement a company-wide rollout, or whether the training program will be used as-needed to train new hires, you want to make sure that the program meets your needs each time that it is run.

During the development process, Intulogy will present drafts to your project leaders and subject matter experts. We will ask you to review and comment on the materials. If you wish, we can perform a full table-top review with your team.

Once the materials have been developed, we recommend running a pilot of the program. This pilot will allow us to test the materials in a live training environment. Ideally, the pilot audience will contain representatives of the project team, subject matter experts, and target audience. As part of the pilot, we collect responses from the participants, allowing us to fine-tune the materials.

Our case studies section offers examples of training solutions implemented by companies in many different sectors. There, you can see how a financial services company mapped processes and created new hire training for its securities trading department.

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