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Train Employees to Improve Workplace Performance

Improve-WorkplaceYour company can create and implement employee training programs to guide people through changes in the workplace. Some common reasons for employee training include:
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  • Changes in your customers’ needs
  • Deployment of IT applications
  • Growth or restructuring of your business
  • Adoption of best practices or new business processes
  • Launch of new product or services
  • Performance improvement for specific tasks

An employee training program can be part of a comprehensive change management plan; however it is also important to craft the program to meet your training audiences’ individualized needs.

Guide Employees through Change

When change occurs within your business, people need help shifting from familiar habits to the new behaviors. We build comfortable patterns in our daily routine as we seek stability and familiarity. Sometimes we linger with these routines longer than we should, even when a better or easier solution available.

An employee can view change as a threat to their stability or comfort levels. Employee training programs can minimize the discomfort caused by change. When employees feel confident with the new material, they will be more willing to change their own behaviors. Employee training can help your company implement change and achieve success.

Some of the ways to guide your employees to feeling more comfortable about changes as they occur will be in the manner you present them. If you incorporate some of the following elements in your employee training, then change should be easier within your organization.

How do I Make Change Easier?

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  • Discuss current practices
  • Explain the reasons behind the change
  • Demonstrate how the change will benefit the employees
  • Listen to concerns and ideas
  • Explore goals and envision results together
  • Offer people a chance to practice in an environment away from clients and customers
  • Invest resources and time to properly plan and implement change
  • Praise, recognize, and reward those who adopt change best


Explore a Case Study

Many companies invest in their employees through regular training programs, because they recognize that people are critical to their success. In our case study section, you can learn how a financial services company used web-based training to introduce its sales representatives to a new software application that tracked market transactions.

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