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Problem Definition

charles-schwab-logoCharles Schwab was significantly expanding their automated alert system for their institutional and brokerage clients. The web-based alert system notified financial advisors about customer accounts and transactions that required either additional information or specific actions.

Intulogy was asked by the Charles Schwab training department to produce training materials to accompany this product rollout. Specifically, we were asked to produce two web-based training tutorials. The first WBT would explain the expansion of the alerts system while the second would highlight the changes to the client’s intranet site.

The training materials were to be developed concurrent with product development and QA testing. The target audience comprised over 800 employees in eight different internal business groups (including sales, technical, and support). Each group needed information about the alerts most relevant to their area.

Charles Schwab requested a solution that would be browser friendly, could be developed rapidly, and would not require additional plug-ins. The custom WBTs needed to match their branding policies and integrate with the existing IT infrastructure.


Intulogy’s consultants worked with the Charles Schwab’s training department and information experts to determine the content needed for the web-based training materials. In consultation with their in-house training department, we developed an array of both paper-based and web-based training materials to support this rollout.

The two web-based training courses allowed participants to explore the materials in a structured yet non-linear manner. Participants could self-customize the course by focusing on the content most relevant to their individual needs. Those who had time could explore the entire tutorial, but those with limited time could easily access the information they needed and bookmark the page in their browser for later reference.

Our development team worked with Charles Schwab’s application developers and QA team to ensure that screen captures and functionality descriptions were consistent and accurate.

Special Skills Used

Our WBT designer for this project has extensive experience in instructional design, and has developed online resources for the post-secondary, non-profit, and government sectors. He holds a university certificate in computer-aided instruction.

Benefit to Client

The interactive multipath storyboard design allowed end-users in different business groups to learn the material they needed quickly and easily. Additionally, the design streamlined content and eliminated the need for custom WBTs for each business group. This solution significantly reduced the workload of Charles Schwab’s training department during the delivery phase.


Both web-based training modules were developed on time and met the client’s functional and visual specifications. Intulogy was able to include the latest functionality from the QA process and provide an accurate just-in-time training solution.

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