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Intulogy's Capabilities

Intulogy is a professional services consultancy that focuses on learning and measurable behavior change within organizations. Founded in 1999, we are based in Las Vegas with primary offices in Austin and St. Louis. We proudly serve clients across North America — including well-established Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, and technology start-ups.

Intulogy specializes in delivering custom outsource training programs built around our clients’ internal or proprietary subject matter including: systems, software, processes, procedures, corporate culture, and business model. Intulogy is an industry-diverse organization that helps our clients respond nimbly to large training projects on tight deadlines.  We help you adapt to change events such as a merger or acquisition, IPO readiness, new product launches, and hiring for expansion.


As an evidence-based consultancy, we apply best practices in instructional design and deploy research – from the fields of education, organizational development, and industrial- organizational psychology. We believe that training must be more than an event. It must directly impact our clients’ business metrics and key performance indicators.

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