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ADDIE Design in the Workplace

Development without Design In the ADDIE instructional design model, the training specialist first creates a comprehensive training plan and then develops the training materials. Design and development are two separate and equally important phases in the theory. Yet, sometimes companies…

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Instructional Design Documents

The Role of the Design Document At the end of the instructional design phase, the training specialist writes an instructional design document. This document provides more than just a simple course outline; it provides a high-level overview of the entire…

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Selecting the Course Format

Choose the Class Type In the ADDIE model, the training specialist chooses the course's delivery method during the instructional design phase. This seemingly simple choice will affect almost every aspect of the design document and the final course content. The…

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Instructional Strategy

Developing an Instructional Strategy Last week, we started looking at the Instructional Design Phase.  At this point in the instructional design process, the training specialist makes important choices about the course's structure and its methods. Overall, these choices combine to…

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ADDIE Instructional Design Phase

The Role of Instructional Design Once a training specialist has written the course's learning objectives and confirmed them with the client, it's time to begin the instructional design phase. During the design phase, the training specialist plans what the course should look…

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