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Problem Definition

wells_fargo_logoWhen interest rates fell, Wells Fargo experienced an unprecedented demand for their products. To accommodate the surge in demand, the company set a goal of hiring and training approximately 1,500 mortgage processors and closers within four months.

These employees were being hired at approximately 30 different operations centers across the country. Some of these new hires had experience in the mortgage industry, but all of them needed training on the company’s specific policies, products, and mainframe systems.

Wells Fargo’s training department had already created separate week-long courses for mortgage processors and closers. However, the department recognized that it alone could not train that many new hires within the required time-frame. Therefore, the client turned to Intulogy as part of its staff augmentation solution.


Intulogy assisted Wells Fargo in meeting their new hire training needs. Our trainers attended train-the-trainer courses instructed by the their information experts, and then networked out to the various training centers, providing instructor-led training to the newly hired mortgage processors and closers.

Since course needs were based on hiring at each operations center, our specialists spent much of their time on the road, traveling weekly from city to city. Operation center space was limited, and therefore many courses were conducted offsite in hotels, using laptops connected to Wells Fargo’s mainframe.

Special Skills Used

Wells Fargo uses a proprietary mainframe application for processing and closing its mortgages. Intulogy’s experience with applications training, specifically proprietary applications training, allowed our consultants to rapidly gain proficiency with the system.

Benefit to Client

Wells Fargo was able to augment their staff with a highly experienced team of systems trainers. We worked closely with the client’s subject matter experts to ensure that the trainers gained mastery of the material and concepts. By establishing a regular dialogue, we ensured that we were providing accurate information and quality instructor-led training to the new hires.


Staff augmentation allowed Wells Fargo’s training department to meet unprecedented new hire training needs. By successfully training processors and closers within a short time-frame, the company was able to capitalize on the market opportunity and set new corporate records for mortgages funded.

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