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Increase the Number of Available Trainers

Intulogy’s custom train-the-trainer program allows you to increase the number of people capable of training any of your training courses. We can guide experienced trainers through the material, showing them how to deliver the course and help learners master the material.

Increase-TrainersIn our experience, large training projects often stretch the capabilities of training departments. When a company needs to deliver training to all of its employees or clients, the training department usually cannot provide enough experienced trainers to complete the project on-time. In this type of situation you have three options:

  • Adjust project timelines so existing trainers have time to deliver the course
  • Ask people who know the concepts (subject matter experts) to help with training delivery
  • Augment your delivery team with experienced trainers and show them how to teach your course.

The first option, delaying the delivery schedule, may not be possible. The second option can work, but it relies on the training skill of your subject matter experts; if they are unfamiliar with training delivery, a group train-the-trainer course can make a significant impact.

Save Time and Improve Quality

Because Intulogy has years of experience as an outsource training provider, our training specialists have attended many train-the-trainer classes. We know how to streamline the train-the-trainer process, so that experienced trainers can learn your company’s business, acronyms, and training course efficiently.

If you need more trainers for an existing training course, Intulogy can work with your subject matter experts and in-house instructional designers to create a custom train-the-trainer program.

When Intulogy creates a training course for your company, our training specialists can also create a custom train-the-trainer course as part of the instructional design process.

As your company partners with Intulogy to provide outsource training delivery for your course, we can help you plan the train-the-trainer session so that the training specialists learn your company’s business and course in-depth.

Find out more about your custom train-the-trainer options; contact us.

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