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Identify the Training Topics

Your company’s training course can guide people to master various skills, acquire knowledge, and develop attitudes. When a class goes well, people gain confidence and apply these new behaviors long after training ends.

A training course can teach any or all of the following topics:

Soft Skills

How to interact with people

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Technical Training

How to use something

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Business Process Training

How to apply a concept or policy

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Some classes may focus on just one of these topics, while other classes may cover all three. For example, a retail store might offer a three-day leadership training class to its district managers. However, newly hired sales associates might attend an orientation program that teaches customer service, pricing scanner techniques, and point-of-sale policies.

Define Training Course Objectives

When Intulogy prepares a training course, our consultants will ask you three very important questions:
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  • After training, what should people be able to do?
  • Where will they apply this training?
  • How will you measure their success?

If you are creating a new training course, then these questions may initially be difficult to answer.  A training needs analysis will help you identify what your audience needs to learn. During the instructional design process, our consultants will aid you in finding the very best answers and create clear learning objectives.

Shape the Course to Achieve Results

Your training course’s structure should reflect its learning objectives. A solution that works for leadership training may not work for a technical certification class.

Here are a few examples of different types of course content:

Soft Skills

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Technology Training

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Process and Procedure

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Each of these pages link to relevant case studies.

Intulogy’s trainers have provided training for these types of courses as well as many other custom content projects. If you do not see a specific training project listed, please contact one of our training experts.

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