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Train People to Achieve Compliance

For companies that operate in highly-regulated sectors of the economy, compliance training serves as an important part of a company’s overall compliance strategy. Regulations and laws can affect how a company interacts with its clients, its partners and vendors, and even its own employees.

Here are just a few examples of how compliance requirements impact different sectors:Compliance

  • Financial services companies must protect client data
  • Medical service companies must restrict access to patient records
  • Employers must avoid illegal workplace discrimination and harassment

Compliance does not happen by accident or good luck. It happens when a company makes a commitment to teach compliance to its employees.

Key Objectives for Compliance Training Progams

In the workplace, people have to follow compliance procedures very carefully.  New employees need compliance training to understand the correct procedures and their importance while existing employees need training refreshers to ensure that they follow the current compliance guidelines.

A successful compliance training program becomes an active part of corporate operations. The program should set and achieve the following goals:

  • Identify all people who need compliance training
  • Ensure that these training audiences receive up-to-date compliance training on relevant policies
  • Conduct training evaluations to measure learning and workplace behaviors
  • Provide quick reference aids to people who have to follow compliance guidelines
  • Revise training materials whenever compliance requirements change

Intulogy can help your company update its existing compliance training materials or create custom training materials for your training needs.

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