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Discover Your Training Project’s Story

When you plan a training project, it is easy to focus on tangible commodities and technical issues.Training-Story

  • How many participant guides need to be printed?
  • How many training rooms should be reserved?
  • How much bandwidth will the e-learning course use?

While these questions are important and require answers, they do not touch the heart of the training project. Every training project has a story embedded within it. You can navigate even the largest and most complex training projects by focusing on their narrative essentials.

When you’ve asked and addressed all those questions completely, you’ll have no problem planning a training solution, and you’ll be telling stories that people will be excited to hear.

Learn about Outsource Training

Intulogy is a full-service outsource training company. We invite you to explore the Services section to learn about our custom training solutions. Additionally you will find:

Most of our training solutions point toward applicable case studies so please take time during your visit to review those case studies relevant to your needs. If you have a question, we invite you to contact one of our training experts.

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