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Bring Training to Your Learners

Desktop training allows people to learn where they actually work. This learning method actually encompasses several different ways to provide training:


Some of these delivery options still provide a live instructor (either online or via phone), but other methods require the learner to actively guide themselves through the course material.

Benefits of Desktop Training

Desktop learning minimizes travel time and eliminates the need for a formal classroom. Additionally, you can provide just-in-time delivery to accompany project rollouts.

In a larger sense, desktop training does not even have to happen at an actual desk. Your company can deliver training wherever people work. So, if your company needs to teach a manufacturing process, it may make more sense to provide training beside the actual machinery rather than in a separate classroom.

If your participants are especially busy people then a short, instructor-led desktop training session may work, as long as they can focus on the material. However, for more complex training topics, it may be worth the time and effort to bring even the busiest people into an actual training room. There, they can turn off the cellphone and focus on learning.

Explore Possible Solutions

In our case studies section, you can see how a financial services company created online help documentation for its policies, products, and procedures.

For more information on how Intulogy can help you create a desktop learning solution, ask one of our experts.

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