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Choosing Classroom Training

Instructor led training provides a large-scale training delivery method that still remains personal, dynamic and interactive. Your participants practice skills and receive guidance from an expert facilitator.


Each training project has different criteria and needs, but here are some guidelines to help you determine if instructor led training is right for your project:

  1. How many people need training?
  2. Can they meet as a group in a common place? If so, will travel be required?
  3. Can participants dedicate time for training (and travel)?
  4. Is there a classroom available? Does it have the necessary technology?
  5. Do participants need hands-on practice and expert feedback?

Principles of Instructor Led Training

Intulogy can design and deliver custom instructor led training for your employees. We emphasize the following training objectives:

  • Encourage hands-on practice
  • Respect different adult learning styles
  • Respond to participants questions
  • Promote skills acquisition and mastery
  • Offer participants the chance to practice
  • Provide clear and immediate feedback

To learn more about our custom instructor led training capabilities, read how a teleconferencing call center created instructor-led training for its new hires.

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