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Place a Trainer in Every Pocket

What if your company could put an expert trainer in every employee’s pocket? While that solution itself may not be practical, you can produce quick reference guides that provide step-by-step instructions for important procedures.

Trainer-in-a-PocketQuick reference guides work especially well for compliance proceduressoftware applications, and other common tasks. However, people must be willing to use the guides that you provide. If the quick reference guide sits unused in a desk drawer, then that employee will be less likely to follow the correct procedure.

Some quick reference guides can fit on a laminated index card, while other reference guides are small, pocket-sized reference manuals. Regardless of the guide’s size, it must be well-written, easy-to-use, and accurate.

Teach People to Use the Guide

We recommend that compliance training classes include reference guides and instructions on their proper use. During training, the employees should have a chance to practice the correct procedure by following the steps in the quick reference guide. This instructional design choice reinforces both the correct procedure and the guide itself. If people use their reference guides during training, they will be more likely to use it in the workplace after training.

Explore the Performance Benefits

See how a communications company created user guides for its cable, telephone, and internet customers.

Our team of training specialists and graphic designers can create custom pocket reference guides for your projects. To learn more, ask an expert.

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