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The Advantage of Distance Learning

With distance learning, your company can deliver training without having to gather participants together in a single classroom. Live, instructor-led training can be presented while the participants are still at their own desks. Your participants meet in a virtual or electronic space. There, they can receive direct interaction, skills practice, and real-time instructor feedback. Because it is easier to bring participants together, distance learning can offer the benefits of just-in-time training, reduced travel costs, and less productivity downtime. Overall, the advantages of distance learning can be very appealing to a business.

In the past, distance learning meant videoconference and teleconference learning; the web, however, offers an e-learning alternative— synchronous web-based training (WBT), more commonly referred to as a webinar.


Create a Virtual Classroom

In synchronous WBT, learners meet together with the instructor in a shared virtual space. The instructor often uses a main room to present material using a combination of text, audio, and video. This process occurs in real-time, and participants can use secondary channels to ask questions, make observations, and share experiences. Instructors can present individual or group exercises, monitor the participant’s progress, and provide feedback.
The synchronous WBT space is created through courseware and conferenceware. Participants can interact in breakout rooms and through text-chat features. Additionally, they may be able to simultaneously share a view of an application (such as browsers, spreadsheets, or documents). This allows the instructor the ability to demonstrate skills and observe students while they practice. Audio and video are also potential tools, depending on available connection speeds.

Our Priority: Your Learners’ Needs

When your training project calls for a distance learning application, Intulogy can help match your learning objectives with specific distance learning technologies. Our team will work with your specialists to prepare the course, based on our Optimal Learning Solution (OLS) methodology. During the project, we give special attention to your learners’ needs, so that we can prepare a clear, useful course and a smooth implementation experience.

If you are considering a distance learning program for your company’s proprietary software application, Intulogy’s Proprietary Application Instructional Design(PAID) methodology will streamline the design and development process.

During training delivery, Intulogy will take time to help your participants understand the capabilities of the distance learning environment. We believe that if people are comfortable with the learning environment, they will be able to focus on the material. Our trainers will help your participants become involved and active learners.

Read a Story about Remote Training

To read an example of a synchronous learning solution, visit our case studies section, which shows how a health care company created a custom synchronous learning course for its new hire account managers.

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