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 Maximize your Client’s Success

Client-SuccessWho actually uses your company’s products or services? If your company sells directly to consumers or end-users, then you may be able to hear their feedback directly. However, many hardware manufacturers and software vendors sell through channel resellers and do not interact with the actual end users, who can be any of the following groups:

  • People who work inside of your client’s company
  • People who work at a company that buys from your client
  • Consumers who buy from your client

Although your company’s sales team may work with purchasing managers, those purchasing managers may never use the product. Your company’s reputation relies on the people who will use the product daily.

People who use your company’s solution become living advertisements for your product. If they believe your product is difficult to use, then they will tell others about their frustration. However, if people feel that your product is easy to use and helps them become successful, then they will spread goodwill about your company and its solution. In either case, those impressions will filter to people within the company, the purchasing manager, and perhaps even a CFO looking to justify the return on investment. Customer and client training can mean the difference between a single sale and satisfied long-term clients.

Partner with Outsource Training Experts

Intulogy has partnered with OEM and software companies to produce outsource training solutions for their clients and end users. In the past, we have designeddeveloped, and delivered the following types of client training solutions:

If your company has an in-house training department, we can partner with them for the project. However, Intulogy can also serve as your virtual training department and handle all aspects of client training.

A telecommunications vendor needed to create and deliver certification training for network operators who worked for major wireless carriers. If you’d like to read more about how this customer succeeded with this project, you can do so in our case studies.

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