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Strengthen Your Company’s Management Team

Companies rely on managers to make good decisions, motivate people, and implement policy. However, good managers need training before they can lead. You can offer manager training for several different situations:


  • Internal promotions of non-management employees
  • Hiring of new managers with existing management skills
  • Ongoing education of existing managers (policy and skill updates)

If your company promotes from within, you may need to teach management skills to new managers. However, even if experienced managers join your company, they still need to know your company’s policies and way of doing business. A management training program will provide instruction on how to lead others within your company.

Offer Courses that Fit within a Busy Day

Most managers have very active days; they may find it difficult to step away for training. When creating your management training program, strive to find training delivery methods that respect your audience’s limited time while achieving desired learning objectives. Here are a few possibilities:

However, depending on your situation, the ideal solution may involve a combination of several different delivery methods for a blended learning solution.

To learn more about management training, read how a health care company created custom management training for its account managers in our case studies section.

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