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Welcome New Hires into Your Company

New-Hires-WelcomeNewly hired employees start their first day with both excitement and worry. They want to excel in their new job, but they do not know where to start. New hire training harnesses their enthusiasm, reduces their fears, and directs their energy.

Training new employees isn’t easy, yet it should not be left to chance. You cannot guarantee that a supervisor or peer will have both the free time or skills necessary to instruct the new employees.

Therefore, your new hire training program should provide the following opportunities:

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  • Create a comfortable learning environment
  • Acknowledge that new concepts take time to learn
  • Encourage people to practice new skills during the class
  • Offer individual feedback to participants
  • Welcome questions and provide timely, accurate answers

Your new hire training program should help people attain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Provide the Information People Need

If you create a new training program, you might want to conduct a training needs analysis for the position. The course’s instructional design may include topics such as:

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Once you decide on the course content, format and length, you will need to decide how you will deliver the training. New hire training can include self-study web-based training, but it is often best to utilize a live trainer who can directly provide answers.

Learn from Experience

If your company has an in-house team of trainers, then they may be able to train new employees as they are hired. However, when your company needs to hire and train many new people at the same time, training outsourcing may make sense.

In our case study section, we explore how a residential mortgage lending company trained thousands of new hires during a period of historically low interest rates. See how they tackled this great challenge and turned it into an incredible win.

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