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Show People How to Use Tools Correctly

Use-Tools-CorrectlyHave you ever walked into a friend’s house and noticed that their DVD player’s clock was flashing “12:00”endlessly? If it’s not either exactly noon or midnight, you may be witnessing a failure in end user training. Does your friend know how to set the clock? If so, how long has the clock been flashing?

End user training covers many different categories. At the base level, end user training helps people use equipment properly, safely, and efficiently. Sometimes, the end user can be a consumer who buys a product. However, the end user can also be an employee who uses a tool at work. The type of tool does not matter. It could be a forklift, a computer, or a relational database. The tool’s productive value depends on how well people use it. Many tools are worthless if people can’t use them, like your friend’s clock that constantly flashes “12:00.” There may be any number of reasons that a person never learns how to change the clock that blinking clock. It can be simply because they don’t understand the user’s guide, but many times people avoid the tool because they are afraid of making a mistake.

During end user training, people learn the following information about the tool or application:

  • Its purpose and how it works
  • Tasks they can complete with it
  • Correct procedures
  • Safe ways to use the tool or application

Successful end user training empowers a person with the knowledge and confidence they need to use equipment correctly.

Delivery Options for End User Training

Your company can offer end user training through many different delivery methods, including the following options:

If your company offers a training course, people will need time to practice the skills. Ideally, if they are learning a complex skill, they should have time to ask questions and receive feedback from an expert.

To learn more, read the story of how a software company created and delivered custom end user training for its church management software.

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