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Pilot Testing a Course

Pilot Testing with Actual Learners In the tabletop review step, project members reviewed the course content for completeness and accuracy. Now, it's time to put the course in front of the learners and measure how they interact with the materials.…

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Developing Training Materials

The Course Development Process If the training specialist has followed the ADDIE instructional design model, then the prior steps will provide solid preparation for the course development process. The course developers will have access to the following information: Any prior…

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Developing a Prototype

The Value of Training Prototypes A training prototype provides a preview. It shows what the final course will look like when it is complete. Both training specialists and clients love prototypes. Until this point, people have been envisioning the course…

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ADDIE Development Phase

Successful Training Development On the surface, training development seems simple—training specialists create the course materials, yet what separates a great course that fulfils its objectives from a weak course that misses its mark and puts people to sleep? Here's what…

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